Home News The federal government issues a warning about how quietly TB kills

The federal government issues a warning about how quietly TB kills


The Federal Ministry of Health has emphasized the causes of tuberculosis patients’ silent deaths as the world observes World Tuberculosis Day.

Olajumoke Adebari, an Assistant Director of the Advocacy, Communication, and Social Mobilization unit of the national Tuberculosis program, claimed that the disease kills silently because those who are infected put off getting tested and receiving the proper treatment.

She spoke at a sensitization event for World Tuberculosis Day at Agwan Shaho in the Karmo neighbourhood of Abuja.

Adebari asserts that.

“World TB Day commemorates the day Robert Koch discovered a cure for tuberculosis in 1882. Since then, we have celebrated that day annually in the hopes that after the development of a drug to treat tuberculosis, there will be no more TB deaths. They are cured when they receive the full course of the prescribed medication.

For those who are unaware of tuberculosis, we typically conduct awareness campaigns like this. They learn about our resources, which they are free to evaluate; they also learn that TB is curable and that diagnosis and treatment are both free. Nobody should pass away from tuberculosis.

“Anyone who has coughed for at least two weeks may go and take this test; if they are found to be TB positive, they should be charged for treatments after the test. What occurred was that. “.

“It seems that tuberculosis kills quietly. Before getting a test and getting a positive result, people are unaware that they have TB. Most people skip this test, so they pass away quietly.

“People who get tested won’t pass away silently, but those who don’t get tested pass away without knowing what killed them.

“Awareness, people are not aware of the illness and believe that tuberculosis has been wiped out. Additionally, the stigma attached to the condition prevents people from coming forward and is another barrier. “.


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